How to Read a Japanese Blog

To read a Japanese blog:

* Copy the blog’s URL to your clipboard.

* Go to

* Paste the URL of the Japanese blog from your clipboard into the box.

* Select Japanese as the language to translate ‘from’.

* Select English or other language of your choice as the language to translate ‘to’.

* Click the translate button.

* You should now have a page with the website translated to the language you chose.

*Read! Enjoy!


– The translation will not be perfect, and at times confusing, but you’ll get the general gist of things.

– SLURLs (and other links) may have extra characters embedded that you’ll need to delete to make them usable.

– Pictures are helpful in figuring out what is being said when it gets confusing, and in finding things inworld – look at them carefully!

– Please feel free to IM me inworld if you have any problems translating websites with Google – I’m always happy to help!

– Please feel free to copy and distribute this guide!

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