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Japan Charity Item: Who Tank Top & Fifteen Quick & Easy Ways to Help Japan

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Mashable has presented a total of fifteen quick and easy ways to help Japan in these two articles:

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami: 7 Simple Ways to Help Japan

8 Ways To Help #Japan After the Earthquake

Who is offering this cute tank top as part of the Move for F Japan fundraising drive for a donation of L120. All proceeds from Move for F go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Who SLURL to the goodies!: Hawk/42/79/22

Who blog:

More charity items and events for Japan on my blog here: Beanie Loves Japan!

Japan Charity Item: Azul gown & Cherry Blossoms: A Gift from Japan

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s cherry blossom time in Washington, D.C. In 1912, Japan gave the United States 3,000 cherry blossom trees as a gift.

Read and listen to this article about Japan’s cherry blossoms on National Public Radio (NPR) here: Japan’s Cherry Blossoms In Brief, Beautiful Bloom

Mami Jewell, owner of Azul, has placed out a gorgeous gown you can own for your donation of L500.

You can see a larger picture of the gown here:

All proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross. Mami is reporting all funds on the Azul blog here:

Azul SLURL right to the goodies!: Joia Azul/202/113/28

More charity items and events for Japan on my blog here: Beanie Loves Japan!

Japan Charity Items: **DP**yumyum: Clothing!

March 24, 2011 1 comment

**DP**yumyum is offering the most adorable clothes for the Move for F (Future, Fundraising, First Life) of Japan campaign. Proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross.

My pictures are coming out all fuzzy, and I haven’t been able to figure out yet what’s wrong, but meantime you can see a great picture of the clothing items here:

You get the beautiful dress, which includes a skirt and a slip, for your donation of L200.

The pink shirt (love, love, LOVE!) is yours for your donation of just L100.

Your donation of just L170 gets you the set of two pairs of black shorts, one hemmed and one frayed-edge, and two pairs of leggings in grey and a lighter milky grey.

The set with the black and white gingham skirt and two pairs of leggings in black and brown is yours with your donation of L170. The skirt has two different middle attachment options, as well as optional attachments for each leg.

You can also get a fatpack with ALL the items for a donation of L640.

**DP**yumyum SLURL right to the goodies!: itutu/121/89/34

More info on charity events for Japan here: Charity Events for Japan

Japan Charity Item: Coco Designs: Unisex Boots!

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Coco Designs is offering these great boots as a fundraising item for the Japanese Red Cross. Cocoro Lemon, owner of Coco Designs, is reporting the funds on her blog.

You can check out their blog post about the boots here:

Coco Designs SLURL right to the goodies!: COCO DESIGNS/107/208/21

More info on charity events for Japan here: Charity Events for Japan

Two Charity Events for Japan!

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

* Please feel free to copy this information to blogs and notecards and groups! *

Larcoco Mathy is blogging for Japan here:

Zala Wonder is blogging for Japan here:

Mao Melody is blogging for Japan here:

Help Japan



SLURL to the Event Location: Chirihama/204/97/26

Keep stopping back at the event site, because more and more items are being putting out all the time!

Participating stores: dg, chocolate atelier, Glasnost, Fleshtone, ZEUS, Petunia, Kattastrophe, MAKNIE, sick, Lithium, Vita’s Boudoir, R2 fashion, RUDE REBEL, momomuller, arnadi, RibboN, BRB, LaViere and Tee*fy, PLUMTREEPOSE, Interior Addiction, KARUMA, The Secret Store, ni.Ju, oyakin, loveme, pesca, bubble, astroboy bigboots, House of fox, eha, AOHARU, YOME SHOUJO, December, aju, duboo, RunoRuno, bodyline, Esk-Imo, ★S, SPY ANGEL, DRAGON SCREW, BOOM, Sleepy Eddy, La Malvada Mujer, Morantique, NuDoLu, Lucky #7, nene Flores, Mother Goose’s, collect, Honey*Soul, kumaki glasses style, gilded, nordari, GATO, hate me and eat me, So Many Style, Argyle Anonymous, CHANTKARE, Solidea Folies, the sweaty badger, PATRON, ESUGA, NALA, chocolat, NAMINOKE, Bounce, Luv’s Free Shop, Holic, Acide, SUI BUTTON, fall into decay, Sheep Door, Osakki, JM:Mai, FDL Fleur de Lys, DoJo, graph, tokidoki, Kookie, and more!

Move for F


Participating stores:
(Search for Creator name listed for each store, then go to their store listed in their Picks tab of their Profile.)
129129 – Ran Renfold
774th – Ryui Mint
Air – Aslan Kish
[BjD] Belial Japan Development – kurohi Dagger
BOSCO – Miori Jinx
C’est la vie ! – Larcoco Mathy
Connors – Salah Broono
couverture – chocolate Arashi
::Dimbula Rose::: – dorothy Darkfold
forest feast – Mikatsuki Matova
Honey kitty – Nekoko Noel
ichigo-ya – Aileen Rieko
KAO – Kao Sands
Kyoko Couture – kyo Milena
L7 – Shortcake Sugarplum
+Lika Ruby+ – Lika Ruby
Lo momo – Ayura Freshi
nocc. – Nocco Oldrich
pesca – Tsugu Nirvana
PLAAKA – Zazie Daviau
poche – miyu Adder
Rose Princess= – CelestialRay Serpente
Ruru@Pino – Rikoyan Destiny
Sadistic Hacker – momo46915 Runningbear
Sakka’s Studio – Sakka Flow
tram – Moca Loup
tomoto – Tomo Wachter
WHO? – Banana Lecker
Ya-Zuya – Yazoo Rang
YUMYUM – toraji Voom

<<FINE>> The Accessories Style

Free Usavich Avatar for Your Prisoner Skybox!

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment


What do you wear in your prisoner skybox? A Usavich avatar, of course!

Free Usavich Avatar for Your Prisoner Skybox!

Free gift from Non Standard in the North Kusunoki location.

Arigato, Hiraka, for this fun gift!

My last post on the Prisoner Skybox is here: The Prisoner Skybox Lucky Board is Back!

Non Standard SLURL here: Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs

Dewa mata!



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Participating Stores: Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Participating Stores: Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival


Here is the official list of participating stores for the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival. There are more than sixty, so there are more than sixty gachas full of wonderful items for us! Yay! lol

I’ve also added this list to my information page on the festival here: Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival.

Remember, the festival lasts all the way through October, until October 31! This gives you plenty of time to visit the festival several times, to make sure you don’t miss any of the wonderful goodies the creators have made!

What you can do is print this list of stores, and as you visit their gachas, check them off, make notes on your duplicates that you want to trade, make notes of which items you need to make a complete set, or note gachas you want to come back and visit later.

A special arigato to Poohta Bailey! 🙂

Dewa mata!



01 お店名: Chicanery – オーナー: Chicanery Turnbull

02 お店名: D-LAB – オーナー: dazai Voom

03 お店名: *mocorin* – オーナー: akinko Twine

04 お店名: =random kitten= – オーナー: koneko Tammas

05 お店名: メリーさんの羊 – オーナー: makitan Kidd

06 お店名: …spoonful of sugar – オーナー: Juls Rosca

07 お店名: Oblique – オーナー: Jez Oh

08 お店名: 波野家 – オーナー: taiko McCaw

09 お店名: COYURA CREATION – オーナー: Coyura Cazalet

10 お店名: Aina’s Shop – オーナー: Aina Yoshikawa

11 お店名: TRESOR Kowloon – オーナー: Tresor Wilkinson

12 お店名: RUJIMEAL – オーナー: ruji Mayo

【Guest vendors】

01 お店名: Tou Fromc* – オーナー:Chiaki Gelbert

02 お店名: Plurabelle Laszlo - オーナー: Bliensen

03 お店名: U&R DOG – オーナー: Uta Karas & Ruriko Jewell

04 お店名: TOSL – オーナー: Quinlan Quimby

05 お店名: tomoto,  オーナー: Tomo Wachter

06 お店名: ::~*Cache-Cache*~::. オーナー: xLUNAx Pienaar

07 お店名: **Beetle Bones **  オーナー: suetabulous Yootz

08 お店名: Sway’s  オーナー: Sway Dench

09 お店名: Ktatat0nik – オーナー: Ktatat0nik

10 お店名: !Ohmai – オーナー: Anya Ohmai

11 お店名: Acid & Mala Creations :. – オーナー: Mala Oh / Acido Ferraris

12 お店名: rbcg. – オーナー: Kyrsten Jigsaw

13 お店名: ::Inorite::  オーナー: Violet Morellet

14 お店名: Apollon – オーナー: sango Clip

15 お店名: ::SPLIT PEA:: – オーナー: Melatonin Hax

16 お店名: Fishy Strawberry – オーナー: Fae Eriksen

17 お店名: Ibizarre – オーナー: Anyusha Lilienthal

18 お店名: Kunstkammer オーナー: Nuala Shippe

19 お店名: Piddidle – オーナー: Brutus Martinek

20 お店名: couverture – オーナー: chocolate Arashi

21 お店名: !* REBEL XTRAVAGANZA *!  オーナー: Rouge Darcy

22 お店名: [N3F] – オーナー: Sachiyo Noel

23 お店名: Elate! – オーナー: Kellie Iwish

24 お店名: Candy Nail – オーナー: peche Bury

25 お店名: Fabulous Soul Records!  オーナー: nero Basevi & minna Beaumont

26 お店名: sen*2 – オーナー: Sen Pinazzo

27 お店名: C’est la vie ! – オーナー: Larcoco Mathy

28 お店名: [[[nocc.]]] オーナー: Nocco Oldrich

29 お店名: Le*o+o – オーナー: Leon Arkright

30 お店名: MIU – オーナー: miu villota 

31 お店名: Pink Fuel – オーナー: Mochi Milena

32 お店名: Gbberish オーナー: Girlspeedo Latte

33 お店名: 50 flats – オーナー: Ding Fotherington

34 お店名: [Rose Princess] – オーナー: CelestialRay Serpente

35 お店名: SUGARCUBE – オーナー: Sayuri Cremorne

36 お店名: xxYOMESHOUJOxx – オーナー: youki Cioc

37 お店名: Feather – オーナー: Sakuya Lane

38 お店名: GasMask*flower – オーナー: ReiTuki Noel

39 お店名: anuenue オーナー: Marea Kirax

40 お店名: [KUE!]  オーナー: Jubatajuno Noyes

41 お店名: 雑貨屋*んまんま* オーナー:Shikura Noel

42 お店名: cover girl – オーナー: fnzo Takacs

43 お店名: Merikenco – オーナー: yaszi mornington

44 お店名: BLbySLC オーナー: manmoth Nishi

45 お店名: Betty – オーナー: koto Enoch

46 お店名: +mocha+ – オーナー: flexagons Villota

47 お店名: fairy tai – オーナー: xxxriexxx Serevi

48 お店名: .:*D*: 日本 オーナー: MandyMandy McMillan

49 お店名: Kid Asia – オーナー: Abby Chambers

50 お店名: TEKUTEKU – オーナー: momo Foulon

51 お店名: ginza kohime オーナー: Ginza Kohime

52 お店名: LOULOU&CO オーナー: lolly Carlberg

53 お店名: LOLO – オーナー: Natsuko Paravane & WADE1 Jya


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