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Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment


Cover Girl’s gacha at Cioccolata Gatcha Festival contains twelve great items.

There are fur and leopard print gloves with fur wrist cuffs:

Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

There are two styles of fur mufflers that you can also add to a dress, top, or sweater as a collar:

Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

There are twelve items total. In addition to the above items, there are two secret item.

The gacha is L$50 per try at a random prize.

Meanwhile, back at the main store, you’ll find my most favorite maxi dress:

Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

Isn’t it fabbie? Love the two tiers, love the textures, love the muted colors, love how it gently swirls when you move. It’s just a wonderful dress that feels great when you wear it.

Available with five different muted accent colors, the dress is priced at L$285.

There is also a limited time special right now. Until October 15, you can pick up this pair of elbow length knit gloves for L$30:

Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

It’s well worth taking the time to browse the store slowly. The dresses are elegant and beautifully made. There are gifts and specials, and you’ll be delighted with the lucky boards.

Here are a couple of examples of what you’ll find in the lucky boards:

Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

Cover Girl: Cioccolata Gatcha Festival & More!

Previously blogged items from this store here: Show More Items

Cover Girl’s gacha SLURL at the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival: Hyssop/182/166/51

Cover Girl’s Main Store SLURL here: Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs

Dewa mata!


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Swimwear Festival: Cover Girl

July 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Swimwear Fair Cover Girl_001

Konbanwa! Need a swimsuit? bikini? board shorts? Shop for new swimwear from SL Japan’s designers!

This beautiful bikini is from Cover Girl. More colors are available at the Swimwear Festival.

Get yer sexy on at SLURL: DREAMS MALL/212/38/54


Cover Girl: New Main Store & L$10 Opening Gifts!

July 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Cover Girl New Store L10 Gift Black Dress

Konbanwa! One of my fav stores, Cover Girl, has moved their main store to SLURL: CHigasaki/150/151/23.

Cover Girl New Store L10 Gift Hand and Shoulder Bags

To celebrate the Grand Opening, they are offering a hand and shoulder bag set from Septem Essentia for just L$10 until July 31.

They are also offering an opening gift of a beautiful black dress for only L$10 until August 31.


Grand Opening of New Cover Girl Store

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Konichiwa! Cover Girl has just opened a very nice new store on the Gracia sim.

They’ve expanded to a group of elegant stores. Everything is laid out very nicely, not too big and not too small. Easy to find what you’re looking for. I love the big clothing pics!

I noted a number of new clothing items, and the designs all have a very polished and upscale look.

Prices at Cover Girl now span a fairly wide range, with dresses from $50 and $100 to $220 and $245. The higher end dresses are certainly well worth it!

You’ll enjoy visiting this lovely store!

The fabulous dress pictured below is Cover Girls free ($0) opening gift to us!

There’s also a pretty black dress for free ($0) in versions with and without spaghetti straps.

The swimsuit shop has a free ($0) swim ball rezzer that I picked up, but haven’t tried yet. Looks like the creator has another swim system available too with both swimming and diving for $200. I definitely want to try that out.

Cover Girl is located at Gracia/110/79/23.

Arigato! Enjoy!

Great Free Girls’, Guys’, & Unisex Clothes & Tattoo! Cat’s Eye Angel (2 of 2)

September 2, 2009 1 comment


This is the second of two posts about Cat’s Eye Angel. See the first post in the series here: Motorcycle, Free Skybox, Free Harmonica: Cat’s Eye Angels (1 of 2) .

Cat’s Eye Angel has the most fantastic clothes. There are a number of free gift items you can try out.

First, there are gifts for group members, like this fantastic tattoo and tshirt set, and set of tank tops:

Great Free Girls', Guys', & Unisex Clothes & Tattoo! Cat's Eye Angel (2 of 2)

Great Free Girls', Guys', & Unisex Clothes & Tattoo! Cat's Eye Angel (2 of 2)

If you don’t have room for another group, you can still try out this free tank set gift:

Great Free Girls', Guys', & Unisex Clothes & Tattoo! Cat's Eye Angel (2 of 2)

And guys and girls both can head to the branch store at the SLURL below to try out these fantastic coveralls. They are a free gift with no group membership required. You get a set of two coveralls.

Great Free Girls', Guys', & Unisex Clothes & Tattoo! Cat's Eye Angel (2 of 2)

Arigato to Nekonuko Nakamori for all these wonderful gifts!!

Main shop SLURL: Ponkotsu/231/221/24

Branch SLURL: MATATABI/178/65/23

Dewa mata!

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Participating Stores: Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival

September 19, 2009 Leave a comment

Participating Stores: Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival


Here is the official list of participating stores for the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival. There are more than sixty, so there are more than sixty gachas full of wonderful items for us! Yay! lol

I’ve also added this list to my information page on the festival here: Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival.

Remember, the festival lasts all the way through October, until October 31! This gives you plenty of time to visit the festival several times, to make sure you don’t miss any of the wonderful goodies the creators have made!

What you can do is print this list of stores, and as you visit their gachas, check them off, make notes on your duplicates that you want to trade, make notes of which items you need to make a complete set, or note gachas you want to come back and visit later.

A special arigato to Poohta Bailey! 🙂

Dewa mata!


01 お店名: Chicanery – オーナー: Chicanery Turnbull

02 お店名: D-LAB – オーナー: dazai Voom

03 お店名: *mocorin* – オーナー: akinko Twine

04 お店名: =random kitten= – オーナー: koneko Tammas

05 お店名: メリーさんの羊 – オーナー: makitan Kidd

06 お店名: …spoonful of sugar – オーナー: Juls Rosca

07 お店名: Oblique – オーナー: Jez Oh

08 お店名: 波野家 – オーナー: taiko McCaw

09 お店名: COYURA CREATION – オーナー: Coyura Cazalet

10 お店名: Aina’s Shop – オーナー: Aina Yoshikawa

11 お店名: TRESOR Kowloon – オーナー: Tresor Wilkinson

12 お店名: RUJIMEAL – オーナー: ruji Mayo

【Guest vendors】

01 お店名: Tou Fromc* – オーナー:Chiaki Gelbert

02 お店名: Plurabelle Laszlo - オーナー: Bliensen

03 お店名: U&R DOG – オーナー: Uta Karas & Ruriko Jewell

04 お店名: TOSL – オーナー: Quinlan Quimby

05 お店名: tomoto,  オーナー: Tomo Wachter

06 お店名: ::~*Cache-Cache*~::. オーナー: xLUNAx Pienaar

07 お店名: **Beetle Bones **  オーナー: suetabulous Yootz

08 お店名: Sway’s  オーナー: Sway Dench

09 お店名: Ktatat0nik – オーナー: Ktatat0nik

10 お店名: !Ohmai – オーナー: Anya Ohmai

11 お店名: Acid & Mala Creations :. – オーナー: Mala Oh / Acido Ferraris

12 お店名: rbcg. – オーナー: Kyrsten Jigsaw

13 お店名: ::Inorite::  オーナー: Violet Morellet

14 お店名: Apollon – オーナー: sango Clip

15 お店名: ::SPLIT PEA:: – オーナー: Melatonin Hax

16 お店名: Fishy Strawberry – オーナー: Fae Eriksen

17 お店名: Ibizarre – オーナー: Anyusha Lilienthal

18 お店名: Kunstkammer オーナー: Nuala Shippe

19 お店名: Piddidle – オーナー: Brutus Martinek

20 お店名: couverture – オーナー: chocolate Arashi

21 お店名: !* REBEL XTRAVAGANZA *!  オーナー: Rouge Darcy

22 お店名: [N3F] – オーナー: Sachiyo Noel

23 お店名: Elate! – オーナー: Kellie Iwish

24 お店名: Candy Nail – オーナー: peche Bury

25 お店名: Fabulous Soul Records!  オーナー: nero Basevi & minna Beaumont

26 お店名: sen*2 – オーナー: Sen Pinazzo

27 お店名: C’est la vie ! – オーナー: Larcoco Mathy

28 お店名: [[[nocc.]]] オーナー: Nocco Oldrich

29 お店名: Le*o+o – オーナー: Leon Arkright

30 お店名: MIU – オーナー: miu villota 

31 お店名: Pink Fuel – オーナー: Mochi Milena

32 お店名: Gbberish オーナー: Girlspeedo Latte

33 お店名: 50 flats – オーナー: Ding Fotherington

34 お店名: [Rose Princess] – オーナー: CelestialRay Serpente

35 お店名: SUGARCUBE – オーナー: Sayuri Cremorne

36 お店名: xxYOMESHOUJOxx – オーナー: youki Cioc

37 お店名: Feather – オーナー: Sakuya Lane

38 お店名: GasMask*flower – オーナー: ReiTuki Noel

39 お店名: anuenue オーナー: Marea Kirax

40 お店名: [KUE!]  オーナー: Jubatajuno Noyes

41 お店名: 雑貨屋*んまんま* オーナー:Shikura Noel

42 お店名: cover girl – オーナー: fnzo Takacs

43 お店名: Merikenco – オーナー: yaszi mornington

44 お店名: BLbySLC オーナー: manmoth Nishi

45 お店名: Betty – オーナー: koto Enoch

46 お店名: +mocha+ – オーナー: flexagons Villota

47 お店名: fairy tai – オーナー: xxxriexxx Serevi

48 お店名: .:*D*: 日本 オーナー: MandyMandy McMillan

49 お店名: Kid Asia – オーナー: Abby Chambers

50 お店名: TEKUTEKU – オーナー: momo Foulon

51 お店名: ginza kohime オーナー: Ginza Kohime

52 お店名: LOULOU&CO オーナー: lolly Carlberg

53 お店名: LOLO – オーナー: Natsuko Paravane & WADE1 Jya


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Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Special and Temporary SLURLs

Store, Creator, Blog SLURLs
Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival #1: Hyssop 182/156/61
#2: Hyssop 192/166/51
KDC Mall Autumn Collection 2009 KDC/171/124/22
Pure Angel Halloween Fair Christmas 207/191/85

Store and Shopping Center SLURLs

Store, Creator, Blog SLURLs
19 Motorcycle & 19 Sosaku-Kobo, PaintO Jie, Main: EDO JAPAN 91/213/27
Amaama, Sandermyu Lungu Main: Yeeowler 233/78/22 Single landing point sim. Walk through the fllo fortress and across the bridge to Amaama.
Arai, Mappy Handrick Switch Shopping Center: SWITCH 241/175/41
Ay.line, Anywa Nyoki, Ek Chuah Shopping Center: Rhyme 112/44/23
Beni, Aika Flatley Zapico Mall: Zapico 59/57/23
Cache Cache, xLUNAx Pienaar, Main: Sandstorm 189/202/28
Candy Nail, Peche Bury, Main: Candy Nail 228/135/29
Couverture, Chocolate Arashi, Main: Nishi AZABU 195/135/22
Cover Girl, Fnzo Takacs, Main: CHIGASAKI 138/151/22
Curious, Dokinjou Adamski, Main: MARVEL 197/234/22
DCCXXIII, Natu Ellils, Main: Themis Island 67/69/24
Dreamin’g Alice, Dolce Asbrink, KDC Mall: KDC/240/185/22
Drop, Yoshie Inshan, Main: Silver Hawk 199/223/3005 Single landing point sim. Click the Drop sign to TP to the store.
Envy, Nivea Miles, Main: Gal 209/169/25
KDC Mall: KDC/170/238/22
Exit, Enzo McWinnie, Main: Dream Jumbo Island/222/221/24
Fallen Angel, Tukihana Boa, In the Street Park: Mugen 52/77/22
Flugeln Brise, Crow Corvale Main: Fanghammer/18/121/22
Gustnado Modo, Domo Fall, Main: realize/205/98/22
Hiyori, Kiriy Ramer, Main: Charhan Island01/36/174/23
Humming, Kyon Torok Main: SkyBeam FirstLand 89/235/27
Ja-Nye Shopping Center, Main: Brackish 117/115/331
Jade, Topaw Jewell Main: Sannomiya/228/138/29
Jetcity, Jiru Jetcity, Main: Pareja/110/235/22
Jill, Jill Lemon Main: Gyala 187/96/53
Junwave, LGM Jun, Main: Innocent Pearl 27/227/22
KDC Mall: KDC 128/159/22
Kei, Kei Arun Main: KAWASAKI/198/245/23
Kiitos, Trish Blanco, Stellarmoon Destiny, Main: Lintu Star 206/120/24
KMH, Kumibou Mayo, Main: Venrigalli/217/91/25
Kyoko Couture, Kyo Milena, Main: Hartley 85/89/1302
Laika, Soleil Criss, Main: Sandstorm 179/188/30
Leo+o, Leon Arkright, Main: Roman 245/162/29
LVS Drive: LVS Drive 216/10/29
Love Soul, BlueStarRUI Villota, Main: Love Soul 215/71/27
Magi Take, Take Lowey, Main: Magi Island 130/177/23
Ma*yo, Sarad Mayo, Main: TSUKIJI 240/69/22
Meriken, Yaszi Mornington, Main: Japan 38/197/25
Mocha, Flexagons Villota Main: Paw Paw 116/10/517
Mother Goose, Milok Hermit, Main: Turpentine 227/155/21
Muism, Icemocolo Voom, Main: Muism 57/217/3002
n*cotton, Nori Eel Main: Symmetry/180/217/49
Natura Designs, Boko Pick Main: Gyul 45/119/23
Noju, Noju Jupiter, Main: Tenjin Fukuoka Japan/15/49/24
Non Standard, Hiraka Loon, North Kusunoki: North Kusunoki 224/59/24
OH, Fhaya Denimore Main: TOCHIGI JAPAN 205/147/24
Ordinary Design, Shin Mathilde, Main: Tamachi/173/149/23
Oyakin, Kinbo Akina, Main: ONJUKU 92/36/23
Palette, Palette Broono, Marche du Soleil Shopping Center: SeLaVi Japan Tokyo 50/59/22
Perturbation, Kikis Homewood, Main: StormWind/90/72/25
Picnic, Nyasyousa Oh, Main: Tresco/220/189/22
Pure Style, Mimify Loon, Main: Buncrana 198/22/21
R2, Rei2 Aya, Main: Love Soul 211/149/27
Ruji Mayo, Blog:, Blog:, Flickr:, YouTube: RujiMeal: Hyssop 219/105/62
Cioccolata: Hyssop 166/193/62
Rujiry Gallery: Creators Pavillion 66/166/27
Rujieel: Nessie 131/40/52
Tiny: Tiny 228/87/23
SenSen, Sen Pinazzo, Main Shop East: Zorin/164/99/21
Main Shop West: Zorin/109/111/21

Sera Korea Freebie Shop Sera Korea 14 49/189/22
Slow Kitchen, Naoppe Aichi, Main: JapanSeychellesLand/154/189/22
Studio M’z, Shibuki Aeon Main: Tokyo Sea 182/17/23
Tomoto, Tomo Wachter, Main: Symmetry 48/114/69
Umi Usagi, Jeter Jun, Main: UmiUsagi 175/180/676
Voltage Cafe, Puyo Rieko, Main: Port Jewell 118/71/22
Waka & Yuki, Yukitan Farrjones, Waka Flow, Main: TSUKIJI 192/239/22
Warudakumi Tattoo, Taima Hathaway Main: Brackish/154/137/331
WM, Mai Mikoyan, Main: Cemetery 23/189/22
Zetton, Zetton Rufus, Main: ODAIBA 231/44/22
Zenith, Miffyhoi Rosca Main: Fujin 38/144/29

TP to Lucky Boards All Over the Grid!!

July 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Lucky Boards Throughout SL

Konbanwa! Well this is pretty cool. This sign displays pictures of what’s in lucky boards all over the grid. The pictures keep changing to display more lucky boards at more stores. You just pick an item you’d like to have, click the picture, and TP right to the lucky board.

I tried a few and wow!, did I ever get some nice goodies! 🙂 Items I had no idea were out there.

Not only that, I picked up free gifts at some of the stores I visited, and… we won’t mention all the stuff I bought too… LOL.

This is fun! I’m TPing to these places, and if my letter isn’t there, I’m just creating a landmark and putting it in my lucky chair folder to TP back to and check later.

Give it a try at SLURL: Ukigumo/251/110/22

And may I just say that OMG Cover Girl (SLURL: Japan Canvas/123/64/22) has gotten in some more fabbie clothes since the last time I was there!!!!

I won two items from their four lucky boards, and I bought… well… we’re not gonna talk about how much I bought… and the rumors that I’m buying L$s and going back for more are NOT true… really… they’re not… I swear… 😉


Lucky Boards I’m Stalking…

June 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Konbanwa! Thought I’d share with you the lucky boards I’m currently stalking. I just can’t stand for hours at lucky boards, so what I do is have a folder in my inv for the LMs for the current lucky boards and chairs I’m interested in. Then, when I have a few minutes during the day, I quickly TP from one to the next and check for my letter.

If there’s two minutes or less left until the next letter change, I wait for it. It’s a good time to do a quickie blog post 🙂

I don’t get everything this way, but I get a lot, and I don’t have to stay in one place for extended periods of time. Works for me.

Here are the lucky boards and chairs I’m following right now:

Miyabi – Rabbit in the Moon
Jeans and a jacket
(Yay! I just got the jeans I’ve been lusting after!)

Black Maria
Hair in five lucky boards towards the front of the store, and one lucky board towards the back

Newly released dress in red
(Just got a cute dress from one of the lucky boards I wasn’t specifically stalking! Yay!)

Cherry Girl
The new bikini and new shorts
(Got lingerie I wasn’t specifically stalking! Yay!)

White Well
New hair

A bag with accessories and a new outfit with bikini and skirt
(Got a cute tote bag I wasn’t specifically stalking! Yay!)

Brown Sugar
Fabbie belly button jewelry, color changeable jewels, shaped like star constellations! You have to be a group member for these three lucky boards.
J Paradise Island/178/45/33
(I’ve gotten one so far.)

Hair – different color in each of eight lucky boards. Must be a group member.
(I’ve gotten three so far, and two more while making the rounds while I write this post! Yay me!)

Adorable new shorts

Two outfits

I made one round of these lucky boards while writing this post. It took longer than usual since I was writing this, so I went back and made another round. Just letting you know so you can see that using my ‘quickie’ method, you do get things!