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New! Free Unisex Halloween Pocket Watch: DCCXXIII

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment


DCCXXIII has just released a new unisex Halloween version pocket watch, as a free prize in a lucky board at their main store!

New! Free Unisex Halloween Pocket Watch: DCCXXIII

Arigato, Natu, for this great prize!

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DCCXXIII SLURL here: Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs

Dewa mata!


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New! Watch + Free Unisex Pocket Watch Gift: DCCXXIII!

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment


DCCXXIII has released a beautiful new watch!

New! Watch + Free Unisex Pocket Watch Gift: DCCXXIII!

Also released is a beautiful new unisex pocket watch. This item is a free gift for everyone!

New! Watch + Free Unisex Pocket Watch Gift: DCCXXIII!

This store is like a watch museum! Be sure to look around.

These previously offered gifts are also still available:

A set of shackles. One piece is a working watch! The other is a bracelet.

New! Watch + Free Unisex Pocket Watch Gift: DCCXXIII!

A fabbie leather fanny pack:

New! Watch + Free Unisex Pocket Watch Gift: DCCXXIII!

Another beautiful pocket watch:

New! Watch + Free Unisex Pocket Watch Gift: DCCXXIII!

Arigato to Natu Ellils for these wonderful gifts!

The Christmas sim has been decorated for Halloween! Be sure to go all the way and all the way down the steps to see the big Halloween themed areas. So cute!

And peek in the shops along the way – who knows? perhaps the shop owners have left more gifts for you. Grab a friend, take some time to stroll and enjoy, and have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

SLURL: Christmas/199/34/39

Dewa mata!

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Wonderful Gifts from DCCXXIII & Studio M’z!

August 21, 2009 Leave a comment


DCCXXIII and Studio M’z both have wonderful free gifts at M’z Mini Mall.

Wonderful Gifts from DCCXXIII & Studio M'z!

Studio M’z has just released these fabbie boots as a group gift. Arigato to Acha at for telling me about them. ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s a group join sign next to the boots.

Two new pairs of boots have also been added to the two lucky chairs!

Wonderful Gifts from DCCXXIII & Studio M'z!

Wonderful Gifts from DCCXXIII & Studio M'z!

Arigato to Shibuki Aeon of Studio M’z for these generous gifts!

DCCXXIII offers several great gifts, all free:

This little pouch is a fanny pack. Love it!

Wonderful Gifts from DCCXXIII & Studio M'z!

This beautiful pocket watch has a fully functional clock.

Wonderful Free Gifts from DCCXXIII & Studio M'z!

DCCXXIII also offers gifts of a watch, watch earrings, and a clock.

Arigato to Natu Ellils for the pouch, and all the other great gifts!

Both stores are at the M’z Mini mall, and close to each other. Here are the coordinates of each store:

Studio M’z SLURL: Tokyo Sea/186/18/23

DCCXXIII SLURL: Tokyo Sea/154/13/31


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More Halloween Quick Tips

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment

* There’s a cute free Halloween scooter in a lucky board here: From LisaJP Kidd of Lisa’s Shop in OTO no MORI east.

* At the Pure Angel Halloween Fair, which I blogged about a week ago, more free gifts have been set out on top of the pumpkins. There’s a cute free ghost av and free Halloween decorations. Also I hope you didn’t miss the cute L$10 Halloween dress from n*cotton, or the limited edition unisex Halloween watch from DCCXXIII (L$100). There are also Halloween versions of some of the dresses from Tomoto’s recently released autumn collection. SLURL for the Pure Angel Halloween Fair near the top of my SLURLs page.

* I put the SLURL for Hiyori on my SLURLs page. They released the great high waisted skirt in four colors and two skirt options for L$20 per color. I blogged the skirt previously when it was in a lucky board. If you use the search box and search for Hiyori you can see a picture of it. It’s a great skirt. There are also new high waisted half pants in the same style and colors for L$20 per color. Also new are Halloween dresses, one free and the others L$10. There’s also a beautiful new free gift of a jeweled hair pin.

Sorry this post is messy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Dewa mata!


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Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Special and Temporary SLURLs

Store, Creator, Blog SLURLs
Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival #1: Hyssop 182/156/61
#2: Hyssop 192/166/51
KDC Mall Autumn Collection 2009 KDC/171/124/22
Pure Angel Halloween Fair Christmas 207/191/85

Store and Shopping Center SLURLs

Store, Creator, Blog SLURLs
19 Motorcycle & 19 Sosaku-Kobo, PaintO Jie, Main: EDO JAPAN 91/213/27
Amaama, Sandermyu Lungu Main: Yeeowler 233/78/22 Single landing point sim. Walk through the fllo fortress and across the bridge to Amaama.
Arai, Mappy Handrick Switch Shopping Center: SWITCH 241/175/41
Ay.line, Anywa Nyoki, Ek Chuah Shopping Center: Rhyme 112/44/23
Beni, Aika Flatley Zapico Mall: Zapico 59/57/23
Cache Cache, xLUNAx Pienaar, Main: Sandstorm 189/202/28
Candy Nail, Peche Bury, Main: Candy Nail 228/135/29
Couverture, Chocolate Arashi, Main: Nishi AZABU 195/135/22
Cover Girl, Fnzo Takacs, Main: CHIGASAKI 138/151/22
Curious, Dokinjou Adamski, Main: MARVEL 197/234/22
DCCXXIII, Natu Ellils, Main: Themis Island 67/69/24
Dreamin’g Alice, Dolce Asbrink, KDC Mall: KDC/240/185/22
Drop, Yoshie Inshan, Main: Silver Hawk 199/223/3005 Single landing point sim. Click the Drop sign to TP to the store.
Envy, Nivea Miles, Main: Gal 209/169/25
KDC Mall: KDC/170/238/22
Exit, Enzo McWinnie, Main: Dream Jumbo Island/222/221/24
Fallen Angel, Tukihana Boa, In the Street Park: Mugen 52/77/22
Flugeln Brise, Crow Corvale Main: Fanghammer/18/121/22
Gustnado Modo, Domo Fall, Main: realize/205/98/22
Hiyori, Kiriy Ramer, Main: Charhan Island01/36/174/23
Humming, Kyon Torok Main: SkyBeam FirstLand 89/235/27
Ja-Nye Shopping Center, Main: Brackish 117/115/331
Jade, Topaw Jewell Main: Sannomiya/228/138/29
Jetcity, Jiru Jetcity, Main: Pareja/110/235/22
Jill, Jill Lemon Main: Gyala 187/96/53
Junwave, LGM Jun, Main: Innocent Pearl 27/227/22
KDC Mall: KDC 128/159/22
Kei, Kei Arun Main: KAWASAKI/198/245/23
Kiitos, Trish Blanco, Stellarmoon Destiny, Main: Lintu Star 206/120/24
KMH, Kumibou Mayo, Main: Venrigalli/217/91/25
Kyoko Couture, Kyo Milena, Main: Hartley 85/89/1302
Laika, Soleil Criss, Main: Sandstorm 179/188/30
Leo+o, Leon Arkright, Main: Roman 245/162/29
LVS Drive: LVS Drive 216/10/29
Love Soul, BlueStarRUI Villota, Main: Love Soul 215/71/27
Magi Take, Take Lowey, Main: Magi Island 130/177/23
Ma*yo, Sarad Mayo, Main: TSUKIJI 240/69/22
Meriken, Yaszi Mornington, Main: Japan 38/197/25
Mocha, Flexagons Villota Main: Paw Paw 116/10/517
Mother Goose, Milok Hermit, Main: Turpentine 227/155/21
Muism, Icemocolo Voom, Main: Muism 57/217/3002
n*cotton, Nori Eel Main: Symmetry/180/217/49
Natura Designs, Boko Pick Main: Gyul 45/119/23
Noju, Noju Jupiter, Main: Tenjin Fukuoka Japan/15/49/24
Non Standard, Hiraka Loon, North Kusunoki: North Kusunoki 224/59/24
OH, Fhaya Denimore Main: TOCHIGI JAPAN 205/147/24
Ordinary Design, Shin Mathilde, Main: Tamachi/173/149/23
Oyakin, Kinbo Akina, Main: ONJUKU 92/36/23
Palette, Palette Broono, Marche du Soleil Shopping Center: SeLaVi Japan Tokyo 50/59/22
Perturbation, Kikis Homewood, Main: StormWind/90/72/25
Picnic, Nyasyousa Oh, Main: Tresco/220/189/22
Pure Style, Mimify Loon, Main: Buncrana 198/22/21
R2, Rei2 Aya, Main: Love Soul 211/149/27
Ruji Mayo, Blog:, Blog:, Flickr:, YouTube: RujiMeal: Hyssop 219/105/62
Cioccolata: Hyssop 166/193/62
Rujiry Gallery: Creators Pavillion 66/166/27
Rujieel: Nessie 131/40/52
Tiny: Tiny 228/87/23
SenSen, Sen Pinazzo, Main Shop East: Zorin/164/99/21
Main Shop West: Zorin/109/111/21

Sera Korea Freebie Shop Sera Korea 14 49/189/22
Slow Kitchen, Naoppe Aichi, Main: JapanSeychellesLand/154/189/22
Studio M’z, Shibuki Aeon Main: Tokyo Sea 182/17/23
Tomoto, Tomo Wachter, Main: Symmetry 48/114/69
Umi Usagi, Jeter Jun, Main: UmiUsagi 175/180/676
Voltage Cafe, Puyo Rieko, Main: Port Jewell 118/71/22
Waka & Yuki, Yukitan Farrjones, Waka Flow, Main: TSUKIJI 192/239/22
Warudakumi Tattoo, Taima Hathaway Main: Brackish/154/137/331
WM, Mai Mikoyan, Main: Cemetery 23/189/22
Zetton, Zetton Rufus, Main: ODAIBA 231/44/22
Zenith, Miffyhoi Rosca Main: Fujin 38/144/29

Opening Celebration: Ryotan Land

August 27, 2009 Leave a comment


And now back to our regular posting… ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s a new cafe at Ryotan Land. In the courtyard outside, you’ll find some goodies, gifts, and lucky boards. Here’re a couple examples:

Hair in a limited edition color from D!va is in one of the lucky boards.

Ryotan Land_001

This great unisex watch from DCCXXIII is in another lucky board.

RYOTAN LAND/59/23/42

Arigato to the creators for these gifts and prizes!


Dewa mata!

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