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Never Give Up Japan: Leave Your Picture & Message for the People of Japan



See an even bigger picture here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ozCRaYLwg4s/TZWomch01oI/AAAAAAAAAP4/1CGVhZEyItk/s1600/The_WALL_01_Apr.jpg

I saw the unusual picture above on the blog of Nekonuko Nakamori, owner of Cat’s Eye Angels, here: catseyeangelsproducts.blogspot.com/2011/04/blog-post.html

Now Nekonuko is an incredible creator, so I just had to go see what it was about. I’m glad I did!

It’s a huge wall on which you can leave your picture, and there’s a table with an object with which you can leave a message. It’s all to tell the people of Japan never to give up.

The wall is massive – 240 meters wide and 180 meters high – and will hold 1,000 pictures. Be sure to crank up your draw distance so you can see it all.

The pictures will be made into a movie by Clubkenjin Loon, and your message will be delivered to the victims in Japan.

There’s a sign you can click for a notecard to tell you how to leave your picture on the wall. Once you get the notecard, please pass it around to other bloggers and photographers you know, your friends, groups, and forums so they can participate too.

This project is managed by JAPAN DREAM KENJIN, Clubkenjin Loon, and Nekonuko Nakamori.

SLURL to the Never Give Up Japan wall: Malandi/116/149/22

Dewa mata!


* More charity fundraising items and events for Japan here: Beanie Loves Japan! *


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