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Japan Charity Items: Argrace: Caps with Hair for Men & Women!

Linden Lab is offering a way for us to donate Linden dollars to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

Linden created some special Linden Bears (one sitting, one wearable), and put them for sale on the Marketplace at varying prices from L300 up to L3,000. Linden is donating all proceeds from sales of these special bears to the American Red Cross for Japan.

You can make your donation and get your bear here: Donation Linden’s store on Marketplace



Argrace is offering these two great caps with hair as charity fundraising items for Japan. Each style comes in three different hair colors. The ladies style is offered with hair in amber, platinum, or dark brown. The mens style comes in hair colors of black, light brown, or dark blonde.

The caps with hair are offered for your donation of just L50 per hair color. Proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

Argrace SLURL to the goodies!: Shin Zushi/208/167/25

Argrace Blog: argrace.com/2011/03/charity-stuff-visor-beanie.html

Dewa mata!


* More fundraising items and events for Japan here: Beanie Loves Japan! *


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