More Halloween Quick Tips

September 24, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

* There’s a cute free Halloween scooter in a lucky board here: From LisaJP Kidd of Lisa’s Shop in OTO no MORI east.

* At the Pure Angel Halloween Fair, which I blogged about a week ago, more free gifts have been set out on top of the pumpkins. There’s a cute free ghost av and free Halloween decorations. Also I hope you didn’t miss the cute L$10 Halloween dress from n*cotton, or the limited edition unisex Halloween watch from DCCXXIII (L$100). There are also Halloween versions of some of the dresses from Tomoto’s recently released autumn collection. SLURL for the Pure Angel Halloween Fair near the top of my SLURLs page.

* I put the SLURL for Hiyori on my SLURLs page. They released the great high waisted skirt in four colors and two skirt options for L$20 per color. I blogged the skirt previously when it was in a lucky board. If you use the search box and search for Hiyori you can see a picture of it. It’s a great skirt. There are also new high waisted half pants in the same style and colors for L$20 per color. Also new are Halloween dresses, one free and the others L$10. There’s also a beautiful new free gift of a jeweled hair pin.

Sorry this post is messy 😦

Dewa mata!



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