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*Transferrable* Men’s & Women’s Cardigans & Shirts!: Meriken

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Meriken has answered my prayers! lol. I’m always looking for great transferrable items I can give as gifts, and gifts that I can give to guys are particularly difficult to find. Well, Meriken has come to my rescue with these great cardigan sweaters and shirts for both men and women in their gacha at the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival!

*Transferrable* Men's & Women's Cardigan Sweaters & Shirts!: Meriken

The two tone sweaters come in four colors. The shirts come in seven colors.

The gacha is L$55 per try. Note that you get two sweaters for each try – a men’s sweater and a women’s sweater in the same color. If you receive the shirt, you get the shirt on all layers – undershirt, underpants, shirt, pants, and jacket, so you can wear it tucked or untucked.

There is also a secret prize, which I was lucky enough to receive. I won’t reveal what the secret prize is, but it’s great, and it’s unisex. It’s the only item that is not transferrable.

This is now my #1 nomination for items to give as gifts. You can gift and trade the sweaters and shirts with *everybody* to your heart’s content. And of course, save some for yourself!

For a small gift, you can give just a shirt or a sweater. For a larger gift you can give a shirt *and* a sweater, and for those very special occasions and people, you can give *all* the shirts, *all* the sweaters, or all *everything*. Perfect gifting options! Love it!

Meriken gacha SLURL: Hyssop/180/159/52

More information on the Festival is here: Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival

Meriken main store SLURL here: Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs

Dewa mata!



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