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Ruji Mayo and the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival

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Ruji Mayo and the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival


I can’t think of a better way to kick off the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival than to show you the gacha from Ruji Mayo.

Why Ruji? Well, Ruji is the person who built Cioccolata. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ruji is an artist who has brought her distinctive whimsical art to SL, and filled the hearts of so many of us with delight.

When you visit Cioccolata, please take a few moments to stand and turn slowly to see and experience the delight of the art of Ruji Mayo – even if you’ve done it before. Look up, fly up, look down. You will find interactive art you can climb up and climb down and sit on and ride and fly and swing. Allow yourself to have a few moments of just plain fun!

Here is Ruji’s gacha for the festival:

Ruji Mayo and the Cioccolata Gacha Gacha Festival

This gacha holds wooden dolls that are screws that attach to a hat. Perhaps the best way to explain Ruji’s gacha is to show you the completed hat in Ruji’s YouTube movie in which she is wearing her hat:


Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, Ruji, for bringing the delight of your art, and Cioccolata, to SL!

Ruji Mayo Blog 1: rujimeal.blogspot.com
Ruji Mayo Blog 2: rujimealc.blogspot.com
Ruji Mayo Flickr: flickr.com/photos/23147447n02/
Ruji Mayo YouTube: youtube.com/user/ruji6

Ruji Mayo’s SL Locations:
Cioccolata: Hyssop/166/193/62
* RujiMeal: Hyssop/219/105/62
Rujiry Gallery: Creators Pavillion/66/166/27
Rujieel: Nessie/131/40/52
Tiny: Tiny/228/87/23

* Ruji’s gacha location at the Cioccolata Gatcha Gatcha Festival

Enjoy the festival, everyone! Hope to see you there!

Dewa mata!


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