Goodbye, Summer!

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I’ve been searching and searching for just the right item I could blog to say good-by to summer, and I finally found it!

My good-bye-to-summer item is this morokoshiya from Cache Cache:

Goodbye, Summer!

You can wear this when you’ll be AFK, for a pose prop for pictures, or just any time you want to have some fun with friends.

You can click to get some corn on the cob and a beer, and there are animations for you to eat and drink. People can click the sign above the floating tubes, and they’ll receive one they can use. You can click to change what the little sign on the umbrella says.

Goodbye, Summer!

I’m still figuring out everything this can do, because a lot of the menus etc. are in Japanese. It’s awfully cute and a really fun item. A great way to say good-bye to summer!

It’s priced at L$180.

This is a great store to visit. Very pretty and relaxing, and nice household decor items.

Cache Cache SLURL here: Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs

Dewa mata!



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