Cioccolatta Gacha Gacha Festival Starts Tomorrow!

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Cioccolatta Gacha Gacha Festival Starts Tomorrow!

Cioccolata is holding a Gacha Gacha Festival!

The festival will begin tomorrow, September 18, and run through October 31.

What is a gacha?

A gacha is a machine that contains a number of items. You pay the gacha a small amount of L$, and you receive a random item. Some gachas have special surprise items.

Because the item you receive is random, if you buy more than item, you may receive duplicates. Because of this, the items are usually transferrable. This way, you can give your duplicate items as gifts, or you can trade your duplicates with others for items you don’t yet have so you can get a complete set.

What Types of Items Are in the Gachas?

The types of items in the gachas will vary widely, from clothing to jewelry to household items to sweets to toys, and well, to just about anything you can imagine – and more!

Here are examples of what you will find. D-Lab’s Gacha has tiny airplanes and UFOs piloted by tiny animals that, when you rez them, fly all around!

Cioccolatta Gacha Gacha Festival Starts Tomorrow!

C’est La Vie’s Gacha has beautiful cardigan sweaters and purses for just L$35 each:

Cioccolatta Gacha Gacha Festival Starts Tomorrow!

Cioccolatta Gacha Gacha Festival Starts Tomorrow!

Gacha Locations

There are two main locations for the gachas. The SLURLs to both locations can be found on my SLURLs page here: Beanie Loves Japan: SLURLs.

Additionally, you will find gachas in front of many of the stores in the Cioccolata complex!

* Please note: This sim holds a maximum of 40 people. Sim full conditions may occur, especially when the festival opens.

Here’s a tip I use for events: on the Teleport pop up window, instead of clicking the Teleport button, I click the Show on Map button. I hover my mouse over the sim, and it shows how many people are currently on the sim. If there are many people, I check again later. When there are only a few people showing on the sim, that’s when I go! This festival lasts until October 31, so there’s plenty of time to visit when the sim is not crowded. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can also use this tip with landmarks in your inventory. Just right click the landmark and then click About Landmark. You’ll get the same Teleport pop-up window, with the Show on Map button.

More than fifty stores will participate!

There is a listing of all the Cioccolata stores on my new blog page here: Cioccolatta Gacha Gacha Festival.

Enjoy the Festival! Hope to see you there! ๐Ÿ™‚

Arigato! Dewa mata!


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