New! Lingerie + L$25 Special Offer: WTW!

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I previously blogged about WTW’s great lingerie here: WTW: A Treasure Trove of Lingerie, Sleepwear, Bikinis, and More!, and a lot of people really liked it.

Now, WTW has released some new lingerie! Before we get to it, though, I need to give you some information that’s changed since my last post.

The shopping center that WTW’s main store was in along with two other stores (collectively called Nenashigusa Nest), has closed. The branch location in Trenza in my previous post is still there, and the three stores have retained the Nenashigusa Nest name for their shopping center.

This little shopping center has three floors, with a different store on each level. WTW is on the top floor.

WTW has also opened another little shop on their own, and we’ll get to what’s there further on.

Now! The new lingerie, which you’ll find in WTW’s Trenza store. Three new styles have been released. Each is available in seven colors. I took snaps of my favs, which I bought for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

This is ver23. The sets are priced at L$60 per color.

New! Lingerie + L$25 Special Offer: WTW!

This is ver24, priced at L$70 per color. Love it!

New! Lingerie + L$25 Special Offer: WTW!

Ver25 is the first strapless bra set released by WTW. These sets are L$60 each.

New! Lingerie + L$25 Special Offer: WTW!

This pink set of ver 25 is available for just L$25. It’s on the shelves with the other goodies I previously blogged.

New! Lingerie + L$25 Special Offer: WTW!

There is also some lovely lingerie you can get for free by camping for 40 minutes.

Okay, on to the new WTW location in the Starry Light shopping center. At this location you’ll find some of the lingerie and lingerie/sleepwear sets that used to be at the main WTW store. There’s also a set of the free gift sleepmasks I previously blogged.

There’s one additional location right now for WTW in the Minerva shopping center, which has no lingerie, but does have this great apron. The apron is available in several colors and patterns, and is priced at L$50 per color/pattern.

New! Lingerie + L$25 Special Offer: WTW!

WTW’s creator and owner is Tomoe Zenovka.

WTW Main Store SLURL: Trenza/55/183/31

WTW Starry Light SLURL: Aruana/110/54/24
different lingerie and lingerie/sleepwear sets than those at Trenza, free sleepmask gifts

WTW Minerva SLURL: Takeuti/140/180/32
aprons only

Dewa mata!

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  1. September 6, 2009 at 7:17 am

    Just letting you know I bought some of this cute cute “everyday girl” lingerie and linked some people who hadn’t seen your blog. I love it! Also got some of those belly piercings ๐Ÿ˜€

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