New! Free Apple Tree Chair: Xanadu

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Xanadu offers many beautifully made plants and gardening items as free gifts, as well as for sale at extremely low prices (L$1 to L$30).

Now, Xanadu has released an adorable new gift. It’s an apple tree in a pot, that is also a chair. How nice to have in your garden or on your deck!

New! Free Apple Tree Chair: Xanadu

This can be used as a great pose prop!

Take the SLURL below, and when you land, click the lefthand door. Be sure to click the swirling image to teleport. When you reach that landing point, use the coords in the SLURL below and the coords on the top bar of your SL window to navigate to Xanadu.

Arigato to Nax Forcella for this lovely gifts!

Note that Nah is near Xanadu. If you haven’t been to this store yet, I recommend it for free and very inexpensive skins and clothing for girls. For example, they have fatpacks of lovely skins for L$5. Skin 07 has been released.

The SLURL with the coordinates for Nah is also below.

Xanadu SLURL: Bitterblue/14/167/2502

Nah SLURL: Bitterblue/63/145/2502

Dewa mata!


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