Happy 2nd Anniversary, Lala Moon!

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Hair shop Lala Moon is celebrating their second anniversary. They’ve rebuilt their store, and it’s now open with the festivities in progress. The new store is BIG – and so is the anniversary celebration!

Lala moon Anniversary

There are seven lucky boards with hair for both guys and girls. Group members will find a new gift of long curly hair in the group notices. This hair incudes three colors: black, blonde, and silver.

Gifts that were previously available are still on the counter. Here’s a sampling of them:

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Lala Moon!

There are three boxes of hair, including this unisex style that includes six different colors. Two other hair gifts are also available.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Lala Moon!

There’s a box of five pretty watches in blue gold, brown gold, gold, pink gold, and silver.

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Lala Moon!

There’s a even a cake house!

Other gifts include a modeling stand with twenty static poses.

Arigato to RuRu Nagy for the wonderful gifts and prizes, and omedeto on your anniversary!

SLURL: LALA Moon/179/183/24

Dewa mata!


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