Hal*Hina Anniversary Lucky Bag: D


The Hal*Hina’s Anniversary celebration with the fabulous Lucky Bag sale is coming to an end. The Lucky Bag sale ends promptly today, Sunday, August 30, at 23:59 JPT. You can see what time the sale ends in your timezone here: End Time for Anniversary Lucky Bag Sale.

There are four lucky bags: A, B, C, and D.

You can see Lucky Bag A here: https://beaniecanning.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/halhina-anniversary-lucky-bag-a/.

Lucky Bag B is here: 2009/08/28/halhina-anniversary-lucky-bag-b.

View Lucky Bag C here: 2009/08/29/halhina-anniversary-lucky-bag-c/.

Here is what you get in lucky bag D – everything is included!!

Hal*Hina Anniversary Lucky Bag: D

Hal*Hina Anniversary Lucky Bag: D

Hal*Hina Anniversary Lucky Bag: D

Hal*Hina Anniversary Lucky Bag: D

You receive *everything* pictured: skin, shape, hair, dress, shoes, eyes… and more – for just L$380!!

You can see my earlier post about the Anniversary lucky board hairstyles, and the Anniversary gift skirt, here: https://beaniecanning.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/halhina-anniversary-event-has-begun/.

Arigato always, Omedeto and Happy Anniversary, Hinano!

SLURL: Nagoya South Nippon/164/169/22

Dewa mata!


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Beanie Loves Japan! here: BeanieCanning.wordpress.com

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