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New! L$1 Skin from… Yup! Mother Goose :-)


Mother Goose has another L$1 skin for us! Yay!

New! L$1 Skin from... Yup! Mother Goose :-)

This skin is called Emma, wow! is she ever a beauty! There are eight makeups available for Emma at just L$300 each. An Emma shape is also available for L$100.

I noticed another new skin called Stella on the wall across from Emma too 🙂 She’s another beauty!

Arigato always to Milok Hermit for this gift, and all your generosity!

SLURL: Turpentine/233/140/22


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  1. August 26, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    At this point, mentionning they are “on fire” even feels awkward, like, it’s not even enough… Not like there is EVER enough, but jeeeeeeez XD Go Go Mother Goose Machine ww–

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