New! L$1 Summer Skin from Kei!


Kei is offering this cute Summer Skin with bandaid and butterflies for just L$1!

New! L$1 Summer Skin from Kei!

Grab the demos for Kei’s other soft and pretty skins while you’re there!

I grab skin demos whenever I see them, then about once a week I go to an empty sim (search your Map for Fame, Brilliant, Kapor, Georgean, Smith, or any of the sims in that area) and run through and try on all the demos I’ve collected that week.

Being on an empty sim lets the skin textures load nice and fast. When I narrow down to the skins with faces I like the looks of, I head somewhere private to try those on… ummmm… naked… so I can see how I like the rest of the skin. I try on a LOT of skin demos, and I’ve found this makes the process faster, easier, and less frustrating. I also do this with hair demos. Thought you might like to try it too 🙂

Arigato to Kei Arun for this cute gift skin!

SLURL: KAWASAKI/201/243/23


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