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Most Visited Store of The Week!


Congratulations to Milok Hermit, creator and owner of Mother Goose!

Milok, your store was the most visited from my blog this past week. I based this on the total number of SLURL clicks from posts in my blog for the week ending last night.

There were two posts that contained the most frequently clicked SLURLs to Mother Goose. SLURLS were also clicked from other posts, but these two generated the most significant numbers.

1) SLURL: Turpentine/228/155/22
From Post: New! L$1 Gift Skin from Mother Goose!!

2) SLURL: Turpentine/250/149/21
From Post: New! Free Cry Skins from Mother Goose!

And even if nobody had clicked the SLURL in the second post… Mother Goose still would have been the most visited store, based on the number of times the SLURL in the first post was clicked 🙂


Get hundreds more great finds from SL Japan and Korea on my blog, Beanie Loves Japan!, at BeanieCanning.wordpress.com!

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