Time for a Weekly Blog Check!


Let’s check some blogs to see what new releases, limited editions, gifts, and sales we can find!

* The Albero & Cioccolatta blog has a treasure trove of goodies, especially with the Summer Festival that’s been going on.

New shops and carts are set up frequently, and each has their own unique set of offerings.

The Albero & Cioccolatta blog is here: http://albero.slmame.com/

* KDC Mall is new, and has already become one of my fav malls on the grid! Almost every store has a lucky board with a fabbie prize.

New stores are still opening and putting out their lucky boards, and existing stores have already been swapping new gifts into their lucky boards!

Keep tabs on what’s happening at KDC Mall here: http://kdc.slmame.com/

* You surely don’t want to miss out on any of June Dion’s fabulous offerings at my pick for the best store in SL: BareRose!

Keeping up to date on BareRose is quick and easy when you use these links:

BareRose New Releases: http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index.php?module=browse&section=3&cat=21

BareRose L$10 Items: http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index.php?module=browse&section=5&cat=23

BareRose Free Gifts: http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index.php?module=browse&section=3&cat=20

BareRose Lucky Chair Items: http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index.php?module=browse&section=3&cat=26

BareRose Raffle Ball Items: http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index.php?module=browse&section=3&cat=24

Still need more BareRose goodies? Search their entire stock here: http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index.php?module=search

Omedeto to June Dion for the 4th Anniversary of BareRose!!!

* I’ve blogged about it before, but Kiriko Nishi’s free skins blog deserves every single mention it gets! Kiriko updates frequently with free skins across the grid, so check every few days so you don’t miss out on any limited time offerings.

Free skins for girls are listed here: http://kirikonishi.slmame.com/tag%E5%A5%B3%E6%80%A7%E7%94%A8

* Hmmmmm… I see some new free gifts at the Tokyo PigSight on Aventi Island.

At this website, just click on the picture of the gift you’re interested in. A new web page will open listing that store’s items available at the Tokyo PigSight.

Towards the upper right hand side of the page, underneath the drop down menu, is a rectangular button with Japanese writing on it. Click that button – a SLURL page will open, and you can TP right to the shop!

The Tokyo PigSight Freebies page is here: http://www.pigsight.jp/cgi-bin/pigshop/showcase.cgi?md=list_freebie&start=50

I hope you find these tips useful and fun! If you’d like to translate a Japanese website or blog to a different language, please see my guide in the tab called “How to Read a Japanese Blog” near the top of any page on my blog.


Get hundreds more great finds from SL Japan and Korea on my blog, Beanie Loves Japan!, at BeanieCanning.wordpress.com!

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