New! Free Green Dress from Zenith!

New! Pretty Free Green Dress: Zenith LB


I previously blogged the adorable clothes offered by Zenith in their lucky board here: Adorable Clothing & Hair – All Free!, and here: New Free Group Gift & Circus Dress from Zenith!!.

Now they’ve added this very pretty green dress to their lucky board!

The dress is also available for sale in four rich colors that will take you into the fall and through the winter!

Xie xie to Miffyhoi Rosca for this beautiful lucky board prize, as well as all your wonderful prizes! You are very generous!

Did you know? Everything in the Zenith store on Vicious Island is transferrable! I didn’t know that until this morning when I was perusing Miffy’s profile (heh), so…

New! Pretty Free Green Dress from Zenith!

I bought this outfit for my bf 🙂 It includes pants, shirt, vest, and prim attachments for all three (collar, shirtcuffs, pant cuffs) for L$200. Nice!

SLURL: Vicious Island/179/128/28


Hundreds of great finds from SL Japan on my blog, Beanie Loves Japan!, at!

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