Clematis: Beautiful New Releases & Gifts

Konbanwa! Some of the most frequently viewed posts on my blog are the ones about Clematis. Owner Iitomo Allen is an extraordinary artist. I am very happy today to introduce her newest releases.

Clematis callasbouquetsset

This set includes two calla lily and feather head pieces, as well as a beautiful calla lily and feather bouquet. Perfect for a beautiful bride or a fabulous photograph. The set is transferrable, and so can be gifted.

Clematis New Release Calla Lillies_001

I love this set so much! It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in SL. It’s also transferrable, and makes a wonderful gift.

Along with being very talented, Iitomo is also very generous, regularly setting out beautiful free gifts. You can see Iitomo’s previously released gifts here: 2009/07/11/new-free-gift-from-clematis/, and here: 2009/06/27/clematis-pretty-plants/. They are still available at the store.

Here are the newest free gifts from Clematis:

Clematis littlesgift5

This set includes a beautiful potted plant, as well unisex jeans in two sizes for both men and women. What a wonderful gift!

Clematis: Beautiful New Releases & Gifts

These beautifully sculpted unisex scarves come in four sizes to fit both girls and guys. So nice!

Arigato, Iitomo, for creating these wonderful items, and for your generosity in providing such beautiful gifts for everyone in SL to enjoy. 🙂

SLURL: Sanga/220/41/23


Hundreds of great finds from SL Japan on my blog, Beanie Loves Japan!, at!

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