New Dress from SugarCube!

New Dress from SugarCube!

Konbanwa! Don’t you just love SugarCube? Uber cute dresses!

Sayuri Cremorne has opened a little shop at Albero, and set this dress at the special price of L$100 for group members.

There’s a group join sign near the dress.

SLURL: Chowla/156/41/74


Hundreds of great finds from SL Japan on my blog, Beanie Loves Japan!, at!

  1. floatingworldsl
    August 2, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    Wow! What a fantastic blog, Beanie! I’m so amazed and happy to have found it.
    I do a blog about mainly but not exclusively about Asian Fashion design in SL too, so it is very exciting to find out I’m not alone.
    My blog is more artsy with way fewer items posted, because I tend to spend a lot of time working on the images I do post. And of course I’m wanting to spend at least some of my sl time creating or exploring!
    I think you can see my blog through checking out my name, but in case you can’t, it’s
    (I’m assuming you’ll delete the last part of my comment. I’m not trying to advertise my blog on yours, but hope you will link to me. Also I’d love to catch up with you inworld sometime!)

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