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CSR – Summer Choice 2009 – Update

Konbanwa! I posted earlier about what the CSR Summer Choice 2009 is, how it works, and the SLURLs for the participating stores here: Creator Stamp Rally (CSR) – Summer Choice 2009 Information. Please see that post for comprehensive information.

A few updates:

*- I’ve added a category for CSR Summer Choice 2009 to the category list in the drop down menu on the right of this webpage. You can select that category from now on to see all my posts related to the current CSR.

*- Creator Stamp Rally (CSR) has been renamed to Summer Choice 2009

*- Along with the official website (URL in the post linked above), there is also an official blog. The URL for the official blog, SummerChoice!2009 Official guide Blog, is: http://csr.slmame.com.

The official blog provides updates such as when each participating store puts their CSR items up for sale, and shows you what they are selling that contain CSR stamp cards. It will also tell you when a participating store has announced their gift item, and show pictures of the gift.

*- To read a Japanese blog, first, copy the URL to your clipboard. Next, go to http://translate.google.com. Paste the URL of the Japanese blog from your clipboard into the box. Select Japanese as the language to translate ‘from’. Select English or the other language of your choice as the language to translate ‘to’. Click the translate button. You’ll get a page with the website translated to the language you chose. Read! Enjoy!

The translation will not be perfect, and at times confusing, but you’ll get the general gist of things. Also, SLURLs (and other links) may have extra characters embedded that you’ll need to delete to make them usable. Pictures are helpful in figuring out what is being said when it gets confusing – look at them carefully!

Please feel free to IM me inworld if you have any problems translating websites with Google – I’m always happy to help!


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