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Weekend Open Air Market at Petz Market: Tinies!!

Konbanwa! I am so sorry that I’m so late in posting this weekend’s Petz Market Open Air Market! I’m afraid it’s almost over, so you’ll have to jump over there fast!

This weekend, the theme is… Tinies! Yay!

Aqua Shop Gonbe Pen Chan Baby Penguin_001

You can become a tiny baby pen chan with one of Gonbe Shan’s famous penguin avs for just L$80! Soooooo squealably cute – *everyone* will love you!

Nuco Tiny_001

L$25 will transform you into a tiny pink furred nuco.

Mole Tiny_001

Get into mole mode with this L$50 tiny mole av complete with backpack full of tools for digging while you’re underground.

Asian Elephant Tiny_001 Extra Head Sprinkles Water for Asian Elephant_001

Go for the gold at L$500 and become a tiny Asian elephant, with an optional head that features you with trunk raised and spraying water.

Green Bean and Rice Cake Tiny_001

This adorable tiny rice cake topped with green bean is free!

Sculpted Mini Doll Tiny_001

Retain your fashionista status while becoming a fashionable tiny doll – for free!

Uchu Spa Snail Set_001

If you’re just too much of a fashionista to become a tiny, never fear! You can still pick up this Spa Snail set of hair and shell for L$160.

SLURL: Petz Market/130/86/28


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