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Shirohato: Freebies, Bargains, and More!

Konbanwa! If you haven’t been to Shirohato, you need to get over there quick! The store is full of the most adorable dresses, many of which can be worn multiple ways – longer dress, shorter dress, shorts and top.

Shirohato’s price range is a bargain L$40 to L$60 I purchased several dresses, and was delighted when I tried them on and found they came with even more wearing options than the vendor pictures showed. I’ll be going back again… and again… and again lol.

Shirohato L1 Dress_001

There’s a L$1 gift of a dress, shorts, and top. The top comes with an optional ruffle attachment that can be worn with the dress or with the top when you wear it with shorts. The top also has two more attachments, not shown in the picture, to give you two additional looks for it. Each of those can also be worn with or without the ruffle attachment.

Shirohato LB Dress_001

There’s a lucky board with a cute dress. I’ll be stalking this!

Shirohato L5 Jeans 2 Tops_001

Upstairs, you’ll find more easy-on-the-wallet outfits, as well as a box for L$5 with a pair of jeans and two tops.

SLURL: Symmetry/146/75/59


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