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Primary: Free Ordinary Design Shoes, Chimp Av & More!!

Primary Group Combination LB and Camping_001

Konbanwa! The Primary shopping center has three combination lucky and camping chairs for group members. There’s a variety of great prizes available!

Primary LB Tarsier Shoes in Limited Edition Pink_001 Primary LB Chimp Av that Throws Bananas_001

The way these work is that the letters change just as they do on regular lucky chairs and lucky boards. The letters change every five minutes. What’s different is that when your letter comes up, you sit and camp for two minutes in order to get the prize displayed. Again, these chairs are for group members only. There’s a sign to click to join the Primary group right next to the chairs.

Primary LB Sandals_001 Primary LB Incense_001

It’s well worth it! I took some pictures of some of the prizes that were displayed while I was there. There are shoes from Ordinary Design, a chimp avatar from Joke Factory that includes an animation to throw bananas, and a set of incense sticks and holder from Atmosphere Works.

Primary LB Blue Striped Slip Ons_001 Primary LB Black Slip Ons_001

You can also get the limited edition color pink shoes by adding the location to your Picks, then returning in a couple days and clicking the Picks sign. The Picks sign is right next to the lucky chairs. (Update Friday July 20: Well, I didn’t have to return and click the sign to get my shoes – they were delivered to me this morning. And it’s not the pink shoes – those must be just in the lucky chairs. Instead, I got turquoise shoes, which I love!! Soooo – you can actually get two pairs (two colors) of these Ordinary Design shoes for free! Yay!)

This is a single landing point shopping complex. Use the coords in the SLURL and the coords at the top of your screen to get to the lucky chairs. They’re up the stairs, and to your left.

SLURL: Primary/60/187/27


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