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WTW: A Treasure Trove of Lingerie, Sleepwear, Bikinis, and More!

Konbanwa! I found a store yestereday called WTW by Tomoe Zenovka. They have the most wonderful lingerie and sleepwear! Lots of cotton, which I really love. I’ve recently been wearing well-made cotton bras as tops with shorts and capris. I love the look – soft, feminine, and subtly sexy.

There are two store branches you’ll have to visit in order to get all the goodies. There are so many goodies, this is going to be a loooooong post!

The first branch is in Trenza at SLURL: Trenza/57/183/31.

WTW Trenza Shelves_001

These shelves are on a wooden platform that’s a couple stories up in the air. The lingerie sets on the shelves range from L$1 to L$60, with most in the lower price range. I bought everything on the shelves. I *had* to! 🙂

WTW Trenza Lucky Board_001

Down at ground level is a lucky board with this cute set. SLURL: Trenza/62/167/22

Now let’s head over to the main store in Cherry at SLURL: Cherry/241/27/311. The WTW store is on the second floor.

WTW Free Sleep Masks 1_001 WTW Free Sleep Masks 2_001

These two packs of cute sleep masks are both free. There’s another pack of sleep masks for L$5. Each mask has two versions – one with eyes closed, and one with eyes open.

WTW Lucky Board Cardigans_001

There are three lucky boards. Two have cardigans, one of which I’ve pictured, and the third has a bikini.

WTW Cherry Bikini Print L1_001 WTW Cherry Bikini Red L1_001

These two bikinis are L$1 each. Note that the straps are open and hanging down. Cute!

WTW Watermelon Bikini L30_001 WTW Orange Bikini L20_001

This watermelon bikini is just L$30. The orange bikini is only L$20.

WTW Hair L20_001

This cute hair is just L$20.


This beautiful lingerie set is L$180, and I believe it’s the most expensive set in the store. Most of the sets seem to be L$60.

There is much, much more, and I wish I could show it all to you, but this post is already really long! So please visit the store to see the rest.


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