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Free Hair & More at Cinderella Maid’s Mall

Konbanwa! Take this SLURL: Pure Candle/97/216/26 to Cinderella Maid’s Mall. You’ll land at a row of carts, on which you’ll find a few goodies.

Cinderella Two Free Hairstyles_001

These two hairstyles from Muyuuka are each available in three colors, and all are free!

Cinderella L10 Earrings_001

These cute earrings from Mon Couer are just L$10.

Cinderella Mon Couer Shirt_001

This adorable t-shirt from Mon Couer is L$50. The drawing is original art by Koisemi Latte. See her profile picks to visit the Mon Couer Gallery and Cafe, and see more of her art – it’s wonderful! Keep this in mind for gift giving, or treat yourself 🙂

Cinderella Kotolier Free Necklace_001

Here’s a free necklace from Kotolier.

Cinderella Choco bars_001

You can never have enough food to attach to your mouth. Here are three free chocolate bars from Mamo Nootan of the Cinderella Cafe.


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