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Creator Stamp Rally (CSR) – Summer Choice 2009 Information


Konbanwa! The Creator Stamp Rally (CSR) – Summer Choice 2009 will begin on August 1.

The official blog is here: http://edelweiss.sc/choice2009s/.

For those of you new to the CSR, here’s my own explanation of what it is, and how it works. I hope you’ll find it helpful!

CSR is a promotional event put on twice a year by some of the very best Japanese creators and designers. It’s an event model that’s very successful in that everybody ‘wins’ – that is, both creators and customers come away very happy. The creators and designers are compensated for their work through sales and new customers. Customers receive far more than their money’s worth.

The event has an air of excitement that begins long before the event does, as customers and potential customers eagerly anticipate the new releases that will be put for sale, as well as the fabulous – often limited edition – gifts that can be acquired. It’s been my favorite event since my first CSR in 2007!

Each participating store will sell items that are specifically marked as CSR items. These items sell for $100 and up. If you’re not sure if an item is a CSR item, right click the vendor, choose Buy, and look at the list of items in the vendor. If it’s a CSR item, there will be a stamp card object in the contents.

Save those CSR stamp cards! When the CSR stamping begins (date to be announced), go to each participating store. You’ll have about a week to do this. Wear each of your cards. You can wear more than one card at a time by right clicking a card in inv, choosing Attach, then attaching to an empty spot on your av.

While wearing your card(s), click the CSR stamping machine at each store you visit. This will put a stamp on each card you have attached. The goal is to get a stamp from each participating store on each of your cards.

Once you have done this, you can go to the CSR pavilion, view the gifts available, then use the CSR gift machine to get your gift. To use the gift machine, simply drag a stamped card from your inv onto the gift machine, then choose your gift – and it’s yours!

Many of the gifts are limited edition items that no one will be able to buy. They’re valuable, very high quality, and extremely cool!

After you fill a card with stamps, you can also give it as a gift to someone else. That person just needs to go to the pavilion and choose their gift. It’s a wonderful gift!

I’d recommend looking at all the gifts, and figure out how many cards you’ll need – one for each gift you want. Then visit each participating store, looking at what’s available to buy as CSR items. Make a shopping list, then go back and buy those items and collect your cards.

You can buy a CSR item from any store to get a stamp card, even if you want a gift from a different store.

The gifts will be listed on the official CSR blog as they become available, so keep checking there!

The participating stores, along with their blogs and SLURLs are:

69 ~ Blog: http://69sixty-nine.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Miyabi/31/237/502

Anuenue & Noar ~ Blog: http://mareanoomoi.slmame.com ~ SLURL: Cassandra/39/97/1001

Coco Designs ~ Blog: http://cocorolemon.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Coco Designs/88/128/35

Curious Kitties ~ Blog: http://morbidia.com ~ SLURL: Curious Kitties/184/232/22

Dela ~ Blog: http://delaa-shoes.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: DeLa/114/112/24

Den-Dou ~ Blog: http://dendou.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: tutu/110/134/27

DP*YumYum ~ Blog: http://dpyumyum.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Itutu/111/116/27

Edelweiss ~ Blog: http://moekakohime.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Mont Saint Michel/104/29/22

Gritty Kitty ~ Blog: http://rustedsprocket.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Koreshan/52/83/25

Hanauta ~ Blog: http://humatune.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: 6pi/162/161/22

iTuTu Garden & Furniture ~ Blog: http://kao-sands.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Itutu/130/107/27

Le Petit Prince ~ Blog: http://aoimizuno.slmame.com ~ SLURL: LPP/206/69/26

Love Soul ~ Blog: http://lovesoul-sl.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Love Soul/221/85/27

No. 3 Feather ~ Blog: http://sakusaku.slmame.com ~ SLURL: Ezquerra/23/234/26

Picnic ~ Blog: http://nyanyanya.slmame.com ~ SLURL: Nishi Azabu/19/108/22

Sick ~ Blog: http://www.versionbeta.jp/sick ~ SLURL: Sick/220/114/28

Sweetest Goodbye ~ Blog: http://sgoodbye.wordpress.com ~ SLURL: Port Jewell/216/128/2

Sweets Party ~ Blog: http://uri.slmame.com ~ SLURL: Fukuoka Nakasu/114/94/23

UncleWeb Studio ~ Blog: http://din.slmame.com ~ SLURL: Yamashita/57/83/21

Vooner ~ Blog: http://voonervoom.blogspot.com ~ SLURL: Vooner/58/149/106


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