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TP to Lucky Boards All Over the Grid!!

Lucky Boards Throughout SL

Konbanwa! Well this is pretty cool. This sign displays pictures of what’s in lucky boards all over the grid. The pictures keep changing to display more lucky boards at more stores. You just pick an item you’d like to have, click the picture, and TP right to the lucky board.

I tried a few and wow!, did I ever get some nice goodies! ๐Ÿ™‚ Items I had no idea were out there.

Not only that, I picked up free gifts at some of the stores I visited, and… we won’t mention all the stuff I bought too… LOL.

This is fun! I’m TPing to these places, and if my letter isn’t there, I’m just creating a landmark and putting it in my lucky chair folder to TP back to and check later.

Give it a try at SLURL: Ukigumo/251/110/22

And may I just say that OMG Cover Girl (SLURL: Japan Canvas/123/64/22) has gotten in some more fabbie clothes since the last time I was there!!!!

I won two items from their four lucky boards, and I bought… well… we’re not gonna talk about how much I bought… and the rumors that I’m buying L$s and going back for more are NOT true… really… they’re not… I swear… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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