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Hal*Hina: Current Gifts

Konbanwa! Hal*Hina (Halhi Yoshikawa and Hinano Runo) is currently offering some wonderful gifts at their main store. I camped there for a pretty blue dress this morning, and while I did, I cammed around to see what other goodies I could find:

Lucky Boards

I found three Lucky Boards. Gifts included a hairpiece, hair, and a pretty purple dress.

Lucky Board Hairpiece

Lucky Board Hair

Lucky Board Purple Dress

Visitor Gift

I found a pair of white toeless over-the-knee socks with prim color-changeable ribbons. Ribbons change by click to your choice of ten different colors.

Visitor Gift Socks

Group Gifts

I found a cute medium length brown hair and box with two adorable boleros.

Group Gift Hair

You can also find this hair in a different color in a Lucky Board at the Hal*Hina Zest Town store (SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Horseshoe/177/17/142).

Group Gift Knit Boleros

Group Camping Gifts

I found a cute beige dress and a pretty pale blue dress, each for camping 20 minutes.

Camp 20 Minutes Beige Dress

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