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Yomeshoujo by Youki Cioc

Konbanwa! If I could blog only one store in SL, I’d jump to claim Yomeshoujo by Youki Cioc for myself.

Youki’s clothing ranges from ultra cute to pushing-the-envelope wild, with selections to take you from playtime to casual daywear to evening. I’ve even worn Yomeshoujo on occasion when I had a fancy to style myself what I think of as ‘SL haute couture’.

Youki always uses interesting patterns and colors in her clothing – there’s no chance for boredom, that’s for sure. And with her frequent releases, separates, and accessories, you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Yomeshoujo by Youki Cioc

You’ll always find wonderful gifts when you enter the store, and you’ll frequently find something special for a holiday or ‘just because’. In fact, there’s a new free dress out right now.

Youki’s group is well worth the L$1 join fee as well as a permanent group slot – group gifts are dropped frequently and regularly.

There are six lucky boards in the store, so there’s never a long wait to grab a goodie.

The dress I’m wearing in the picture is the most recent group gift. The leggings are one of the gifts in the store (there are two boxes full of leggings!).

Visit Yomeshoujo’s blog here: http://xxyomeshoujoxx.slmame.com to see more pics. There are several new releases that I went crazy on this morning.


Hair: UncleWeb Studio (Din Raymaker)
Necklace: Ume Mode (Umeko Shan)
Shrug: Project Kiwi (Minami Susanowa)
Shoes & Earrings: Tou Fromc (Chiaki Gelbert)
Socks: Kazu Pinklady (Kazu Pinklady)

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