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Lucky Boards I’m Stalking…

Konbanwa! Thought I’d share with you the lucky boards I’m currently stalking. I just can’t stand for hours at lucky boards, so what I do is have a folder in my inv for the LMs for the current lucky boards and chairs I’m interested in. Then, when I have a few minutes during the day, I quickly TP from one to the next and check for my letter.

If there’s two minutes or less left until the next letter change, I wait for it. It’s a good time to do a quickie blog post 🙂

I don’t get everything this way, but I get a lot, and I don’t have to stay in one place for extended periods of time. Works for me.

Here are the lucky boards and chairs I’m following right now:

Miyabi – Rabbit in the Moon
Jeans and a jacket
(Yay! I just got the jeans I’ve been lusting after!)

Black Maria
Hair in five lucky boards towards the front of the store, and one lucky board towards the back

Newly released dress in red
(Just got a cute dress from one of the lucky boards I wasn’t specifically stalking! Yay!)

Cherry Girl
The new bikini and new shorts
(Got lingerie I wasn’t specifically stalking! Yay!)

White Well
New hair

A bag with accessories and a new outfit with bikini and skirt
(Got a cute tote bag I wasn’t specifically stalking! Yay!)

Brown Sugar
Fabbie belly button jewelry, color changeable jewels, shaped like star constellations! You have to be a group member for these three lucky boards.
J Paradise Island/178/45/33
(I’ve gotten one so far.)

Hair – different color in each of eight lucky boards. Must be a group member.
(I’ve gotten three so far, and two more while making the rounds while I write this post! Yay me!)

Adorable new shorts

Two outfits

I made one round of these lucky boards while writing this post. It took longer than usual since I was writing this, so I went back and made another round. Just letting you know so you can see that using my ‘quickie’ method, you do get things!


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