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And Speaking of Rubber Boots…

Konbanwa! I got a few IMs asking for more rubber boots after my previous post about Hiroro Mayo’s. Hiroro’s boots, I might mention, are L$40 and L$50. There are four different colors, and they’re transferrable so you can gift them.

I know of two other Japanese stores where you can get rubber boots.

The first is Algernon by Ichiro Bingyi. These boots are beautifully made, and have multiple sizes in the box. The style and size works great for guys as well as girls. They’re L$10.

Every guy should make a stop at Algernon for fabbie shoes and casual clothes. They’re very well made and bargain to reasonably priced. Don’t get upset, girls – there are goodies there for you too.

The other place I know you can get rubber boots is DemiDemi. Demi (Demima Demina) has a little rainboot store, and her boots come in many really cute patterns and colors. They’re L$95 per pair. Demi has lots of stores, and each store has different items. There’s a TP direct to her rainboot store in her picks.

Do visit Demi’s other stores for such goodies as the animated knitting set I blogged previously. Poke around. Demi has great stuff!


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