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New! Hair from Mikan, Skin from Banilacoco

Konbanwa! Mikan (Natsumikan Checchinato) has released an adorable new hair style. Click to choose from six different headband textures. L$100. Check out Natsumikan’s blog at http://natsu-mikan.blogspot.com.

New Hair Mikan Skin Banilacoco

A new skin store, Banilacoco (Banilacoco Francois) has opened. These skins are adorable. Soft and delicate, luscious lips… yummmmm. I’ve had two requests recently for Korean skin stores. If you love the look of these skins (as I do!), along with Banilacoco, visit To Heart (Endli Breda) and My Ugly Dorothy (Sopha McCallen) for more.

I can’t stop wearing my adorable shoe earrings – or shoes! – from Tou Fromc (Chiaki Gelbert)! See my previous post on Tou Fromc for SLURL – it’s not yet in the creator’s picks or search.


Update June 8: Emi Bade blogged today about the beautiful skins from another Korean skin maker. See pics of the beautiful skins and details in Emi’s post here: http://emibade.blogspot.com/2009/06/test-soon-deleted.html.

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