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Some Quick Tips for the Weekend from SL Japan!

Konbanwa! Thought I’d share here some of the tips I’ve posted in the Give It Away group in the past few weeks. Quick Tips means no pictures lol. If you’ve visited my blog before, you’ll note that instead of SLURLs, I’m giving the creator names. I check to make sure the creator has their store location in the Picks tab of their Profile, and I’m noting if an item is only at a certain location.

Also, I’m not noting the freebies and dollarbies at the stores in these Quick Tips – think of it as a treasure hunt lol. Take some time to look around at the wonderful items these creators have for sale. The great free gifts and dollar items will be somewhat serendipitous for those who take time to seek and smell the roses so to speak 😉

Arigatou and enjoy!

* KM (Kenchan McMillan) offers mix & Match $15 denim jeans and shorts in 4 different styles with salopette (overall) tops in 3 different styles of their own. Three to five different colors available for the pieces. Also multi piece sweatsuits for $40. SLURL: Jonetsu Island/72/208/2

* Lauwarme (Emina Jewell) has newly released flip flop type gingham sandals. Adorable!

* Mocorin (Akinko Twine) has also released cute flip flop type sandals as well as the most adorable bed in SL – a robot bed! Check out the skyboxes (demos available!) for $90 to $150.

* This week’s offer at SKG Shoes (Saki Galiazzo) is a dark orange dress that can be work two ways, along with a pair of matching Katia peep toe pumps. Dress and shoes are just $5 each!

* Ile de Bonheur (Reina Arai) has pretty 1 prim flower fields for $25 each, as well as many 1 prim bushes and trees from just $15.

* Non Standard (Hiraka Loon) has beautifully crafted & inexpensive household items, including a wonderful kitchen set! Note that there are three shops in a group at the main store location, and check out all three.

* Mikanx Bosatsu’s fabulous original artwork adorns the clothing in her store, Atelier Mikan. There’s also a newly released dress that can be worn multiple ways. Treat yourself to a piece of Mikanx’s artwork for just $5 – $10, and support this wonderful artist!! SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Friend%20City/34/222/28

* Midu (Midu Latte) offers great sculpted sandals for just $30! Also offered is a fabbie pair of sculpted flip flops sized for girls *and* guys, and they’re color changeable to nine (yes, 9!!) different colors, on both the soles and the straps – for only L$50!

I hope you find something you love!!


  1. May 31, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    Thnxs Beanie!! I am redecorating my parcel and the flowers from Ile de Bonheur are perfect. You’re the bestest ❤

  2. May 31, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Glad you liked them, Khitten!


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