Milk Hall Fair Attic

Konbanwa! Fair Saeed is a very generous and talented creator. Her shop, Milk Hall Fair Attic, is chock full of wonderful free items, with everything from clothing and costumes for guys and girls, to household and garden items, to a tree house!

Milk Hall Fair Attic

Everything is buy for $0, except for four items on the wall by the counter. These four items require a key card. To get the key card, simply make a donation of any amount to the cash register on the counter. Please be generous!

You’ll then be given your key card. Right click your key card in your inventory and wear it, then click any of the four vendors on the wall to get them.

Milk Hall Fair Attic Cafe Set with Duster

There’s just way too much to list everything, so I’ll refer you to Fair’s blog:

Fair’s blog is in Japanese. If you don’t read Japanese, you can just look at the pics to see the goodies, or to read it in the language of your choice, go to Copy and paste the blog URL above into the box, select the appropriate language, and click the button to translate.

Arai Oldman Skin & Shape

Milk Hall Fair Attic is located at SLURL: Sasebo City/32/157/25

Thank you, Fair, for your generosity, and your contributions to the art of SL!

Enjoy, everyone!

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