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Quick Tips

Some quick tips for you. Sorry, no pics, and most don’t even have SLURLs. Cuz they’re quick…

– Boon is having a 50% sale on all newly released hair!

– Glitter released 9 new hairs today in celebration of their anniversary. The hairs come in special colors as a result of a collaboration with Anuenue. I had to, HAD TO, have the Lexi hair.

– By the way, have you seen the fabbie new sculptilicious overalls by Anuenue? Best. overalls. EVAH!

– Honey has opened their new store. SLURLS are now:

– People are always asking in Fashion Emergency where to get tube socks. No idea why. Anyway, Sey just released some great looking ones. You get 3 sizes (heights) in each package.

Sey also released a bunch of other new stuff. Go see it. You’ll like it. When you walk in the door, to your right, on the wall, are pics of the new releases. Click the pic of your choice to TP to the item.

– Looking for fabbie summer sandals for men? You want Arai, of course. Only $100. Deliciousness for your tootsies. Check out Sey’s men’s sandals too. To your left when you enter the front door.

– Izumeya released some great waist wraps. Perfect for over jeans or a bikini. There are two sets, each with three colors, and each set is just $30. SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FS%20CITY/189/17/36

– WAIT! Before you TP away from Izumeya — see that row of little shops outside? Stroll down and pick up some of the free gifts and inexpensive cute items.

Also grab the SLURL for DemiDemi’s rainboot shop from the sign on the wall there. You want rainboots? Demi has them. Adorable and inexpensive.

Also grab the SLURL to her stocking and socks store from the sign on the wall. Demi has sets of stockings and leggings with cut out circles on them that you can mix and match for different color combinations. Adorable!



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