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RFL: Umi Usagi

Jeter Jun, creator and owner of Umi Usagi, is offering this cute purple plaid dress at the RFL Clothing Fair in return for your donation. 100% of the proceeds from your donation go to the American Cancer Society.

Umi Usagi 02

The dress includes the stockings I’m wearing in the picture.

Umi Usagi 03

The lop ears I’m wearing in the above pic are also from Umi Usagi, available at the main store. They’re animated, color-changeable, and they’re my favorite bunny ears!!!

Visit Umi Usagi’s booth at the Clothing Fair at SLURL: The Red Sea/122/131/25.

Thank you, Jeter, for supporting the American Cancer Society!

Hair: BettiePage Voyager (BP*)
Necklace: Chinatsu Flores (Chicoco)
Rabbit Bangle Watch: sato Yifu (Kurotsubaki)

Umi Usagi main store SLURL: UmiUsagi/92/101/598

Click any picture to enlarge and see more detail. Clicking any picture will also take you to my Flickr stream for more pics.

Beanie Loves Japan!

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