I’ve been sick 😦 Newly added to my list of things I hate is puking until dehydrated. Soooo not fun.

I’ve got some fabbie goodies to tell you about, so stay tuned till I get the blog posts put together, k?

Meanwhile, I added some new places to visit and explore in the sidebar on the right hand side of this page. Scroll down to the bottom.

And if you like hunts (I don’t. I suck at finding things at them.) Hotel Swan has Swan Feather 2008 going on right now. Not exactly a hunt though. Small white feathers rez at intervals and fall to the ground. When you see one, click it, and you’ll get a prize.

There are two statues that rez the feathers. One has seven items from Mimikri, Svenolbers, 69, Love Soul, Persona, Fascino, and Swallowtail. The other has eight items from Bijou, Mirai Style, Alta Moda, Glanz, Emery, Candy Nail, Mirrors, and Interior Holic.

I stayed long enough to try it out and confirm how it works, and it didn’t take long for the feathers to start flying! It was kind of fun.

Just go to George 5/202/162/21, and stand and wait for the feathers to rez 🙂

Oh! and check out Kurotsubaki’s new furniture store, right next to the fabulous plod store. I soooo love my caterpillar from plod, and now I’ve got an adorable giraffe bookshelf from Kurotsubaki’s furniture store! SLURL on over to Akashic/202/55/34.

Arigato! Enjoy!


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