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New Hair & Handbags from Gisele!

Konbanwa! New hair goodness and handbags from Gisele!

The hair comes in two packs, one with four light colors, and one with four darker colors.

Each pack contains a different beautiful hair ornament. The ornaments are separate from the hair, so you can wear it with other styles.

Each pack of four colors is $250. I got them both, and even though I rarely wear light colors, I love every single one!

Along with the new hair, Gisele has released very pretty handbags. I’m not crazy about handbags, and own very few. These, though, are all now in my inv 🙂 It’s their look of being jewelry trimmed that makes me love them. So elegant and rich. Nice!

You can get all the goodies at Gisele’s newest location at the brand new Qri shopping center at Albata/242/65/39.

Arigato! Enjoy!

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