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Creators Stamp Rally (CSR) Summer 2008

Update Friday August 8: Regarding the three closed stores, all three are opening today.

Konbanwa! Thought I’d take a few minutes to explain how the Japanese Creators Stamp Rally (CSR) works, since it can be a bit confusing. Take heart though – it’s much easier than it seems!

A group of stores is participating in the CSR. Each store sells items that are specifically identified as CSR items by displaying the blue and white CSR logo. These items sell for $100 and up.

If you’re not sure if the item you’re thinking of buying is a CSR item, right click the vendor, choose Buy, and look at list of items in the vendor. If it’s a CSR item, there will be an object named CSR2008 Summer StampCard. That’s your CSR stamp card.

Save those CSR stamp cards! With the Winter 2007 CSR, like a true idiot, I deleted a bunch of mine, not having a clue what they were. 😦

When the CSR stamping begins on August 9, go to each participating store (You’ll have about a week to do this). Wear each of your cards (you can wear more than one at a time by right clicking a card in inv, choosing Attach, then attaching to an empty spot on your body.

Click the CSR stamping machine at each store you visit. This will put a stamp on each card you have attached. Last winter, I did find that I had to go back to a few stores with a few cards that didn’t stamp because of lag, usually if there were a number of people at the stamping machine.

What you’re aiming to do is to get a stamp from each participating store on each of your cards.

Once you have done this, you can go to the CSR pavilion, view the gifts available, then use the CSR gift machine to get your gift.

You just drag a card from your inv onto the gift machine, choose your gift, and it’s yours.

Many of the gifts are limited edition items that no one will be able to buy. They’re valuable, very high quality, and uber cool!

After you fill a card with stamps, you can also give it as a gift to someone else (gimme gimme gimme heh). That person just needs to go to the pavilion and choose their gift.

I’d recommend looking at all the gifts, and figure out how many cards you’ll need – one for each gift. Then visit each participating store, looking at what’s available to buy as CSR items, make a shopping list, then go back and buy those items.

You can buy an item and get your card from any store, even if you want a gift from a different store. For example, you can buy an item at BP*, get your card stamped, and then choose the Minajunk skin as your gift.

You can see the participating stores and get their SLURLs on the CSR blog. You can also see the gifts available there. You can click the gift pics to see the gifts better. (must. have. minajunk. skin…)

The CSR blog is here: http://edelweiss.sc/csr2008s/

Note that three stores are currently closed, but will be open in time to shop there for your CSR items. BettiePage Voyager’s main store was deleted, and she is having to rebuild it in a different location. Happy Mood HPMD started rebuilding their store a couple weeks ago, and is almost finished. Not sure what happened to Tangram.

Have fun!! Arigato!

  1. Addi
    August 7, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    Hello! I have one question… can the purchases with the cards already be made or do those need to wait until 08.08.09 also?

  2. August 7, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Hi, Addi. Good question. Purchasing started about 2 weeks ago, and you can keep on purchasing for at least another week. I’ll get more exact dates.

    I’m so excited about the gifts I just got done buying more stuff so I could get more cards to get more gifts lol.

    One other thing I meant to mention is that you get 1 card per purchase, no matter how much the purchased item costs. That’s why it’s good to look around at why you can buy if you’re on a budget, to see what the lower cost items are at each store.

    And another thing is that some of the gifts at the winter CSR were transferrable. Some say on the signs at the CSR pavillion if they’re transferrable. I haven’t been over to the pavillion yet, so I don’t know if the gift signs are set up yet.

  3. Addi
    August 7, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Thank you! I will head out this evening to start purchasing. Like you, I . Must. Have. That. Skin.

  4. ara olaria
    August 7, 2008 at 6:11 pm

    last year I didn’t know what my card was either but lucky for me I saw a blog on it before I deleted it! I got the most awesome outfit from Curious Kitties, I still can’t believe the quality that goes in to the card gifts. This year I already have three cards and have what I want all picked out, I guess I will be busy stamping away this weekend.

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