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Anne of Green Gables from Gallery Fumiwo

Konbanwa! Let me introduce you to the stunning outfits created by Fumiwo Rau.

Going to Fumiwo’s shop, Gallery Fumiwo, is like going to an art museum. The outfits are exquisitely detailed and textured. I spent so much time looking at each outfit, I almost forgot to buy anything! Thank god I recovered myself and bought some. heh.

The outfit I’m wearing is called Anne, based on Anne of Green Gables.

I’d like to point out that I don’t photoshop any of my pictures, or use any kind of post processing. I point this out so you know that the outfits you see in my pics is exactly what you’ll see inworld. And with this outfit, it’s total beauty.

I’ll be posting many more of Fumi’s outfits, cuz I’m totally in love with them.

My luscious black velvet boots, perfect for this outfit, are from Vinci.

Gallery Fumiwo is located at MoonCat Izumo/151/167/26.

Vinci is located at Niseko2/145/120/24.

Arigato! Enjoy!


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