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New Releases from Amerie’s Naughty


I was lucky enough to discover Amerie Spitteler’s stores shortly after I was born in SL. I was utterly amazed.

I love the in-your-face edginess of her designs, the statement about femininity her style makes, and the extensive detail that makes her art unique among SL designers.

Here are Amerie’s latest clothing and hair releases.

There’s a great color blocked jersey outfit that comes in four different color combinations at $180 per set. There’s green & yellow, blue & white, red & green, and black & purple.

Then there’s the hair. Oh god! the hair!! Four fabulous new hairstyles, that come in natural hair colors, as well as bright, bold colors.

I fell instantly in love with the Cinnamon and Lolipop styles. I got them in lots of the two color combos.

You can find all the new releases at Amerie’s Naughty main store in iTutu at Isle of Tranquility/43/145/26.

Along with the Amerie’s Naughty stores, Amerie also partners with Kao Sands of KAO Skins for their Spice & Sugar stores.

There are items at Spice & Sugar that are not in the Amerie’s Naughty stores, like the luscious purse (comes in more colors) and earrings pictured.

The Spice & Sugar main store is located at Koenji/41/118/26

Enjoy! Arigato!


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