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Sale on Kimono & Yukata at Oiran

Update Tuesday July 22: My dear friend Cajsa Lillihook took some beautiful pics of these kimono, and posted on her blog, It’s Only Fashion. Thank you so much, Cajsa!


Oiran has beautiful kimono and yukata for men and women on sale until Tuesday at 5pm SLT. Prices start at just $100. These kimono are very well made, and the texturing is wonderful. Some include more than one attachment option so you can achieve different styles.

The set for couples pictured is $150. The rest pictured are just $100, and there are more at the store at the same price.

I can’t do these kimono justice in pictures, so hopefully other bloggers will take photos of them.

Oiran is located at: Kyoto Bakumatsu/212/58/22/

Enjoy! Arigato!


  1. July 24, 2008 at 7:53 pm


    My name is sensyuu.
    Ket and I made these KIMONO:)

    Thank you so much:)We’re very happy!

    Track back OK? please!

    see you!

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